Why You Should Buy and Live in Italy NOW

Ah Italy. The country most loved by millions of people all around the world, where so many have the dream to purchase a piece of Italy for themselves.

But many do not take that first step into owning their own home in this magical country? Why? Generally, fear and lack of knowledge creep in, and as the old saying goes “doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”. 

What if you had a clear path to purchasing in Italy, a blueprint in order to ensure that not only your investment is protected, but that you had the opportunity to purchase your dream home UNDER market value. Yes, you heard right. 

Imagine owning a piece of Italy for a song? 

Right now, we are in a serious buyers market. Forbes wrote that Italy is the #1 country worldwide for under market value property.

Did you know that the International Living site saw a 945% increase in traffic on its “How to Move Out of the USA” page, which gives a clear indication of where people are at with regards to wanting to embark on a new change of life. 

I had the privilege of being featured in Forbes in December 2020 where I share my top tips for buying a property during a pandemic which are: 

A competitive market

The market is incredibly competitive right now. Just this morning I was calling various agents about properties for some private clients and each property I had called up about, had been sold.

Savvy investors are not letting travel restrictions stop them from grabbing a bargain. Be prepared to take action. 

A new way of purchasing property 

The “new normal” in the real estate market now is virtual tours in real-time instead of being able to have your feet on the ground. I have helped many of my clients purchase their dream home in Italy without even needing to leave their living room. It can be done. And if you have the right people behind you giving you unbiased advice, you can rest assured that your investment is protected. 

Be prudent

Don’t just jump at a property because it's cheap. Cheap can be relative once other (sometimes shocking) costs become apparent.

Before thinking about making any sort of offer there is a series of steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that the property has had the required due diligence undertaken from both a legal and structural perspective. 

Purchasing a property just because it's incredibly low cost or for example, the €1 homes scheme, can open up more problems than meets the eye from an investment and re-sale perspective. 

The fact that there is an abundance of under market value properties, means that buyers have more flexibility and freedom to choose areas which they had only dreamed of, rather than being forced to buy something in a remote town due to the cost factor.

Imagine stone cottages in Tuscany, villas near the coast in Puglia, quaint apartments in historical centres in Sicily and Umbria all severely under market value.

What I come across in my weekly research for my clients who subscribe to my magazine “La Dolce Vita Lifestyle Magazine + Membership” just blows me away as to the possibilities in the current market.

When doing my property research for my clients my mind is always focused on two things:

  1. How I can find a property that is of high quality but under market value (first win)
  2. How this property can be utilized as a holiday rental thus generating my client a passive income (second big win)

I will be running my invaluable FREE 3-day, mini-course accelerator “Purchase the Dream” from 31st January-2 February where you will be given actionable steps to ensure you are getting the best head start possible for purchasing a property in Italy and creating a new life here. 

[photo credit : Maximilliano Tenuta]

What you will learn in this FREE mini-course:

  • The best places in Italy to buy
  • The most common costly mistakes people make and most importantly how to avoid them
  • The difference between €1 and low-cost homes vs Under Market Value Properties
  • How to generate a passive income through a holiday rental
  • How to be a savvy investor during the current climate

And MUCH more! 

To find out more about the mini-course and to register, click HERE to join my Community “How to Confidently Buy Property in Italy and live La Dolce Vita”. 

Looking forward to empowering you to take that first step of making your Italian dream an achievable reality!