Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these the best Italian properties on the market?

When I Say The Best italian Properties on the Market Right Now…I really mean the best (and not just the ones with pretty photos)!

I use my tried and tested strategy to identify properties which I believe are going to provide the most solid investment potential whether you are looking to buy a home or a rental property.

Finding the ‘look nice’ properties is easy, finding the hidden gems which only an Italian property expert can find is a lot harder – and this is why I come in. Let me assure you, I will never share properties simply because they look nice on my Instagram feed or the seller is a dab hand with a camera and filters!

Every property I share in my Magazine and with private clients has been selected using my experience as an Italian expert with 8 years experience and hundreds of happy clients. Want to see what I mean? Sign up to our free recap and get my hand-picked selection of the best of the best Italian properties on the market each week.

How often is the magazine delivered?

You will receive a PDF version of the magazine in your inbox every Friday! VIP users will also be notified that the latest issue is available to read on the portal.

What payment methods are used?

The payment is taken by the secure payment gateway Stripe.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time via your account page on

What if I cancel and want to join again?

You can come back at any time, we would be glad to have you back!

Are you estate agents?

No we are not estate agents. We do not receive any commission from the agents for publishing these properties.