Has COVID-19 Affected Overseas Buyers Wanting to Purchase Real Estate in Italy?

As I write this article from my home in Martina Franca, Puglia, it is day 29 of a countrywide lockdown in Italy. Spring has sprung and instead of the streets and piazzas being filled with locals and tourists exploring the best of what Italy has to offer, it is like a ghost town. 

It’s not exactly the promising hope to the summer season that we had expected. Sadly, many have had to cancel their holiday plans and property buying trips to Italy. Nonetheless we are all in this together as a collective around the world and we hope and pray that we see a light at the end of the tunnel as soon as possible.

Everyone around the world is going through an extremely delicate and difficult time right now so we would like to write this message with the view of creating inspiration and casting some vision with regards to your dream of purchasing a property in Italy. 

The Coronavirus has spread its way throughout our beautiful country and has left a trail of despair behind it but one thing we are most grateful for is that no matter what hardship this virus is causing here, it does not have the capacity to ruin what makes our beloved Italy so well sought after.

No virus can destroy the centuries old architecture that makes Italy so breath taking. The thousands of kilometres of stunning crystal clear coastlines, the iconic cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice andNapoliThe rolling hills of Tuscany, the famous trulli houses in Pugliathe Alps of the Dolomiti and so on and so on. 

No virus can destroy the agriculture that makes this land famous for its gastronomy or the vineyards that produce award winning wines. 

Purchasing a property in Italy will always be a hot topic for millions around the world, virus or no virus. And why is that? The answer is simple. Because it’s Italy.

Yes, the tourism industry in Italy is going to be highly affected this season, and all around the country but this is only a temporary blip. 

Aerial view of Piazza del Campo home of Palio contest in Siena Italy during the day

Millions of people have been coming to Italy or dreaming about coming to Italy and that will never change. In fact, for the many people who’s holiday or property searching plans have been thwarted because of the virus, it hasn’t deterred them from wanting to visit, it has only enhanced the desire.

People all around the world have been watching Italy with great interest of late, since the virus has taken over our country and have been admiring the strength and resilience of the Italian communities, all coming together to unite in joy and cheer through these difficult times. 

Italy is becoming a role model for other countries around the world with the way in which the locals are consciously uniting together to protect their country.

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It is this patriotism that has inspired people even more to want to have their own slice of La Dolce Vita and create their dream life here in Italy. 

Beautiful Burano, Italy 

It is highly likely that due to these difficult times with the global economy, that the real estate market will in fact decline here in Italy, which will only make it more appealing for overseas buyers to invest here. 

So whilst you are at home staying safe, use this spare time to study the real estate property portals, and start dreaming about your new life in Italy, with the view of turning those dreams into a reality when the world has gone back to normal. 

The author with her child at home in Puglia

For those of you who are wanting to learn Italian, there are some excellent online apps that you can use such as Babbel or Duolingo which are really useful or you can check out Italy Magazine's dual language series. Tap into those and start visualising having conversations with the locals here in Italy. 

As for me, I am enjoying the extra home time having quality time with my family. 

Stay healthy! 

A presto! Italy is waiting for you.