For 4 Laser Focused Hours PLUS Complete Support Package*

And Together We'll Create Your Italian Property Purchase Blueprint

Saturday 14th January 2023
16.00 CET, 10.00 EST 7.00 PST​

*Complete Support Package to Make Your Italy Property Dream a Reality.

How to Purchase Your Own Slice of La Dolce Vita

Introducing the Very First Italian Property Buying Virtual Retreat VIP Day & Complete Support Package*

With Nikki Taylor

Leading Bilingual Industry Expert for Italian Property Purchases

A VIP Day with me & our carefully crafted support package will be like grabbing a golden ticket, fast-tracking you to bridging that gap of making your Italian property dream an achievable reality!“.

* The retreat will only be run sporadically throughout the year

Why a VIP Day?

So WHY am I running this retreat and what was the rationale behind this creation?

Since creating my signature sell out self study course back in 2019, I have been INUNDATED with requests from people from all over the world who are wanting my guidance and support in helping them not only find their dream property in Italy but also hold their hand through the process.

I realised recently, that there was a huge gap in the market that I could help fill. Not everyone wants to do a self study course and and not everyone has the budget to hire me for my 1:1 services.

Which led me to think of how I could serve my community on a bigger and better level and help more people like you achieve their Italian property dream.

Which led me to create the idea for the very first virtual Italian Property Retreat, something that has never been seen or done before in the market.

I know that I am a pioneer in the industry and I love to be always innovating and creating and above all SERVING others and helping give back.

This retreat has been designed in a way for me to give back to you. I have deliberately kept the price point low, and accessible so that more people are able to fulfil their dream.

It is my intention to really create a catalyst of change and be that bridge in the gap of where you are now, and where you want to be.

I am BIG into transformation, so let’s dive deeper into what the retreat will cover and how it is going to benefit you in so many ways.

This retreat is for you if:

Here's what you'll get

4 Laser Focused Hours

4-hour laser-focused session with leading Italian Property expert Nikki Taylor will be broken down into the following parts:

Follow up Q&A session with Nikki Taylor

Nikki is SO committed to helping you achieve your dream, that she will be hosting a follow up Q&A session ONE MONTH after the retreat ends. This has been strategically planned to ensure you keep the momentum going after the retreat and to answer any questions you may have which will allow you to start taking action NOW.

The purpose of this Q&A session is to:


Estate Agent Liaison & Virtual Tour Package

N.B. The Estate Agent Liaison package must be used within 12 months of attending the retreat

How to most effectively prepare for the Retreat

Plus check out these special bonuses

Client Testimonials

Do you remember your first trip to Italy? Did you come back home thinking that you would love to live there? We did… We came back and talked and dreamed and said ” What if…” After numerous return trios to Italy to find our “spot”, At long last, after 15 years of talking and dreaming, we found Nikki and Italy Property Consulting. We took the leap, spent a year studying, learning and searching…with Nikki’s guidance and expertise, we have found our dream house in Italy! We could not have done it without her expert advice, her amazing contacts and knowledge of the Italian property market. If you are ready to make you’re dreams come true, look no further! Nikki Taylor will not steer you wrong!

Fred & Elena Powers

It has been a dream to own a home in Italy and Nikki helped us realize this! We were watching videos on how to buy in Italy, with one featuring Nikki. We reached out and had such a heartfelt conversation about our dream, and her ability to bring together her network (remotely from the US I may add) to assist us. She really customized her approach with us, and even guided us to purchase in another part of Italy that she believed would be a better fit than the original area…and she was right! It was such a joy getting to know her and we had complete trust in her and her team. We have now been happy Italian homeowners for 10 months. Thank you Nikki and team for helping us realize what we thought was an unattainable dream!

Heather and Alex Guidice

So, are you ready to say yes to

Value breakdown


Total Value = $7,550

Retreat Price = $1,197

Saving of over $6,000

Limited spaces available!




Saturday 14th January 2023
16.00 CET
10.00 EST
7.00 PST

Ciao, I'm Nikki

I am originally from Australia and have been living in Italy for 8 years, working in the real estate and holiday rentals industries. I, like you, have an OBSESSION with Italy and all things La Dolce Vita and have combined my love for this country and my passion for real estate and created a unique business model which has helped hundreds of people just like you, learn how to confidently buy property in Italy.

I really pride myself into bridging the gap between helping my clients transform their dream of owning a property in Italy into an achievable reality.

I have been fortunate enough to have my work featured in top publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and Millionaire magazines. You may have caught me on the screen for HGTV’s Mediterranean Life tv program. I have written 3 Amazon best selling books and I also write the real estate segment for L’Italo Americano newspaper.

I am SUPER fortunate to be living my dream life in Puglia with my two little boys and it is my passion and mission to help serve as many people as I can, just like you, who are wanting that support and guidance from the RIGHT team of experts, on buying their dream home in Italy.

I use my unique investment banking and financial planning expertise teamed with my solid knowledge of the real estate and holiday rentals industries in Italy, to source high quality, turn key properties for sale for my clients, that have the potential to generate an excellent ROI.

So whether you are looking for your new forever home, or a property that is going to generate you an excellent ROI, or a vacation home, you are in the right place.

My mission is to help you achieve that life changing transformation of owning your dream home in Italy and designing your own “la dolce vita” lifestyle.

When you sign up I want to know all about you, your dream, your vision and what you are looking for in Italy so I can deep dive into how I can help you make that happen.

Super thrilled to be on this journey with you!


Saturday 14th January 2023

16.00 CET

10.00 EST

7.00 PST

This retreat is designed to help people serious about buying property in Italy achieve their dream. To get the most from the retreat we anticipate you have already made the decision to purchase property in Italy, but not sure how to start.

This retreat isn’t for you if you already have purchased property in Italy or if you are not yet committed to buying property in Italy (in that case, we highly recommend you sign up to our weekly magazine – La Dolce Vita Lifestyle Magazine).

The Estate Agent Liaison & Virtual Tour Package must be used within 12 months of the retreat date.

Providing you give us 48 hours notice, you will be able to transfer to a future date (but remember, we only run the virtual retreats sporadically throughout the year).

We require key information about you and your goals in order to provide you with the best possible experience during the VIP day and to ensure you achieve your Italy property goals.

Yes – and many people do! If you would like to work directly with Nikki just get in touch and we’ll get things rolling.

Simply, we are running the retreat only on sporadic dates throughout the year in order to give you the best possible service.

The retreats are highly intensive and are not ‘boilerplate’ events, therefore we can only do them occassionally.

In the retreat we focus on the complete property buying process regardless of the purpose. Therefore this will relate to each of the buying scenarios. However, if you need specific or tailored advice about your own situation, get in touch to learn more about Nikki’s 1:1 service.